Window 45


‚Chromacorpus‘ by Rodney LaTourelle 

‚Chromacorpus‘ continues LaTourelle’s ongoing research into the relations between colour, space, and experience. He approaches colour as an unpredictable force, rather than as mere signifier in a representational matrix. Colour is a relational medium and as such it surpasses language and acts directly on the bodily unconscious. It is this polychromatic instability that LaTourelle seeks to initiate with his installations that use colour to structure space.

Accordingly, Chromacorpus is a three dimensional frame for colour interplay, but it also functions as a kind of exploded book, with selected quotations that provide a partial ‘mind map’ to LaTourelle’s work. As a ‘colour-body’, the installation counters the concept of colour as a representational skin, provoking protean connections between colour, space, and language.